Candidate Testimonials

‘I did the school direct course last year and had a few interviews just after Easter. Initially I wasn’t successful at interview for any of these jobs and I was really disheartened. I’d left my details with Mel this time last year but didn’t think I’d be needing supply work. I then received a phone call off Mel in the summer, saying that she had work for me, as she had been approached by a head teacher in the area to see if she had my details (luckily I had left them!). I then was signed up properly to the agency. This just involved a short meeting with Mel, where I straightaway felt comfortable. Mel is very friendly and very approachable and answered any questions about the job. I was initially signed up on a 7 week long-term supply contract, during which Mel kept regular contact to check how I was getting on. This 7 week contract then turned into a full year temporary contract and I have managed to do my NQT year as a result.

I would 100% recommend signing up with M2 as you never know what position you’ll be in in July! They provide a great service!’

Katie, Primary Teacher, Carlisle

‘I am currently registered with several teaching agencies and M2 has been by far the most reliable and consistent at finding me work. Wages are received on time and the staff are friendly and supportive. I heartily recommend M2 to any teachers looking for supply work’

Andrew, Primary Teacher, Accrington

‘Through working for M2 Education I was provided with various different teaching positions at a number of schools in the Carlisle and wider Cumbria area, which in turn allowed me to gain priceless experience and build up positive relationships along the way. My dealings with M2 Education have always been professional and a dialogue of chat was constantly being used to make sure I was happy in the settings I was deployed in and also to inform of any other positions which may have been made available. After securing my own teaching job out of the county I hold a lot of my successes down to the work I completed with M2 Education and keep them in high regard as, in my opinion, they are the best supply agency on offer in Cumbria’

Jamie, Primary Teacher, Scotland

‘I first contacted M2 to help me secure work as a teaching assistant, I was unsure if they could help me as I assumed it was primarily supply work for teachers. It quickly became apparent that I was very wrong and they indeed had lots of teaching assistant opportunities to apply for. I worked with Mel and she was fantastic at securing work for me, I worked in a number of schools until I found something more permanent. I have just finished a placement in a wonderful school in Carlisle, and Mel was fantastic at helping coordinate with the school a schedule that fits into my own personal timetable. I have thoroughly enjoyed finding places to work with M2 and I would recommend it to anybody looking for a supply agency as  I found them easy to talk to and efficient at solving issues I may have had.’

Jenna, Teaching Assistant, Carlisle

‘I joined M2 in January of this year and immediately felt ‘at home’. Linda and Dan at Newburn have been absolutely fantastic,  finding me work, both as a teacher and teaching assistant, in settings whose ethos matches my own. As a former mainstream class teacher and SENCO, I now work primarily in SEN schools……and am loving it!!’

Victoria, Primary/SEND Teacher, Newcastle

‘I started my NQT year on a maternity cover in the school that I had been on placement in. Once this ended, I researched several supply agencies and came into contact with Mel from M2 Education. She put me at ease immediately as I was feeling apprehensive about beginning supply work. Within a week of my maternity contract ending, I had my meeting with Mel and they placed me in a school for a long term supply contract. In the meeting, it became clear the M2 would tailor my experience of supply work to me. I am in constant contact with my consultant Mel, who has been guiding me through my long term supply contract seamlessly. Although I am employed as a supply teacher, I have also been given advice and guidance on finding a permanent job, which I have now secured for the new academic year. In a sea of supply agencies and complicated forms, M2 is a clear, professional and friendly organisation.’

Phillipa, Primary Teacher, Carlisle

‘I have worked for M2 for a while now. The staff are all very approachable and know me well: they only offer me work they know suits my skills (I’m an Early Years/ KS1 teacher, so they don’t offer me any work in Year Six for example) which shows their depth of knowledge of their candidates. Wages are always paid on time. The M2 staff are easy to talk to and always on the hunt for both longer and shorter term work, without being too pushy about which work you undertake: they let you work around your own needs and ambitions.’

Amy, Primary Teacher, Preston

‘I worked for M2 Education for 2 months. They gave a great first impression on registration. They were very well organised and always conducted themselves professionally. They arranged two placements for me in well-suited schools and clearly had a good idea about how my skills, experiences and ambitions needed to be considered. When the fist of these two placements came to a sudden end, they handled it really well, making me a priority and had me in another school within 48 hours, all the while making sure that I was coping well, both personally and professionally. Having worked for 5 other supply agencies over the years, this is the first time I have felt the need to write a testimonial because M2 were streets ahead of the others’

Simon, SEND Teacher, County Durham

‘I have been working with M2 Education for the past six months and I am very pleased with the amount of work that I have received. My consultants Mel and Jamie have been extremely supportive and understanding in meeting my needs and have always managed to find me work in the schools which I enjoy. Could not recommend them highly enough. What an outstanding team, well done everyone!’

Jose, Primary & Secondary Teacher, Carlisle

‘M2 Education have consistently provided me with a variety of experiences, allowing me to grow in confidence within my teaching practice. The organised, friendly team work to provide positions that suit individual needs and personal skills, ensuring that each placement encourages the teacher to demonstrate their abilities’

Rachael, Primary Teacher, Preston

‘M2 Education were extremely valuable to me once I had finished my final placement. Registering with them was quick and easy, and they were very quickly able to find me work. I was offered medium and short term work across a variety of contexts and schools including my own placement school. They are a name that local schools recognize and trust. Staff were easy to deal with and communication between the organisation and teachers is good’

Matthew, Primary Teacher, Carlisle

‘Despite signing up to a couple of agencies when I first qualified, M2 has been the only agency I have worked for due to their reliability and organisation. Linda and Dan are excellent; they have been friendly, consistent and professional. The communication is excellent with both myself and the schools in which I regularly work. They are always at the end of the phone if needed! I enthusiastically recommend M2!’

Jade, Primary Teacher, Newcastle

‘I recently joined M2 Education in January and I have been very impressed with the professional service provided. Daniel and Linda both strived diligently to find me a placement which matched my skills appropriately. They continue to be extremely helpful, friendly and diligent in their approach. Due to personal circumstances I was unable to complete a placement and Daniel was both understanding and flexible in his response. I would highly recommend this agency to anyone as it is an example of excellence.’

Karen, Primary Teacher, Stakeford

‘M2 Education make supply teaching simple. Mel and the team are fantastic at finding me regular work in schools and classes that match my interests. Communication is always clear, professional and reliable. Schools are always happy to see M2 supply teachers. I wouldn’t work with anyone else, now!’

Sarah, Primary Teacher, Cumbria

‘I have been working with M2 Education on and off for over a year now and they are the only supply agency I would ever work with. They have a personal approach and make you feel welcome and valued. My consultants Daniel and Linda couldn’t be nicer and always offer me suitable work which meets my needs. M2 is flexible and will always try to accommodate my working requirements. I would recommend M2 to anyone who is looking for teaching work, you won’t find a better company to work for.’

Kathryn, Teaching Assistant, Blaydon

‘I  joined M2 Education seven months ago and from the first day I have been very impressed with the friendly, professional and reliable working relationship we have shared. Jack and Mandy have provided me with a constant stream of assignments appropriate to my individual skills.  There has been no pressure to accept any placement all of which, I have found interesting, stress free, stimulating and enjoyable. I would highly recommend this agency to anyone.’

Irene, Primary Teacher, Preston

‘Working for M2 Education has made being a supply teacher in Cumbria hassle free. The friendly, dedicated team work hard to place you in schools that match your skills and interests. As an NQT, M2 Education have helped me gain cross curricular experience and further my career’

Ben, Primary Teacher, Carlisle

‘I began working for M2 Education since they began trading and have found them to be friendly and professional. They have listened to my requirements as a teacher and have placed me at appropriate placements. I’ve always had lots of work from M2 and have and would recommend them to other teachers! Thanks to Mel, Mark and the team’

James, Secondary Teacher, Kendal

‘I have worked with M2 Education since they started and always found their service to be excellent compared to other agencies. They have been very hardworking and pro-active in securing me work in the right schools. I would recommend them highly to other Teaching Assistants looking for work’

Samantha, Teaching Assistant, Preston

‘M2 has been fab with me from the start. The staff are fab, friendly and easy to deal with. As a mum to 2 young children, I find working with M2 perfect as they offer me work on my available days which suits my family perfectly. Many thanks to the team!’

Jenny, Primary Teacher, Lancashire

‘I have worked as a Supply Teacher since 2001 with various Agencies, and can honestly say that M2 have been “Simply The Best” !

From my initial contact with M2 and registration in early March 2015, I have found them to be both extremely professional, friendly and supportive.  The assignments and work they have secured for me have been excellent and very much appreciated and enjoyed  by myself. I have felt valued at all times, both by M2 and the schools in which I have worked. It has been clearly evident to me that the team at M2 are respected and have an excellent working relationship with their clients.

From a personal point of view I cannot recommend them highly enough!’

Sheilagh, Secondary & SEN Teacher, Cumbria

‘I was contacted from M2 Education about the potential to start working with them just before the Christmas break in 2014, we set a date to meet in January and was met by Daniel from the company. From the onset of meeting him I felt so at ease with everything that was discussed about M2 Education and the way they operated. Daniel was a fantastic ambassador to the company and an outstanding person to meet up with.

We discussed various options for working on supply and I mentioned to Daniel that I may have already secured a place within a school and needed to be employed by an agency. Daniel promptly contacted the school and the long-term supply was organised. O cannot speak highly enough for the amount of support and guidance that Daniel and M2 have given, considering only being employed by them for less than a year. A great professional to work with and a credit to M2 Education.’

Matthew, Secondary Teacher, Middlesborough

‘Working with M2 Education is a fantastic experience.  Mel and the team communicate brilliantly with both me and the schools I regularly work with, any queries are dealt with immediately and the team make supply teaching easy!  I can honestly say that during the last few years I have always had enough quality supply work. M2 listen to your availability and work with you to find assignments that suit your needs. I would recommend them to anyone wanting regular teaching work.’

Kerry, Primary Teacher, Carlisle

‘I joined M2 Education ten months ago after signing with another supply agency and was left waiting for work! M2 were extremely professional, from my first meeting I was reassured that I would find work and I did! All my placements have been well organised and professional. The M2 team are always friendly and helpful if advice is needed. Schools are happy when I say I’m from M2 and the work keeps coming! I would highly recommend to any other teachers seeking supply work.’

Debbie, Primary Teacher, Preston

‘As an NQT my experience with M2 Education has been fantastic! After my initial meeting I felt listened to and supported and confident to start supply work even as an NQT. They very quickly were able to find a possible position for me and after a meeting with the school; I have been working three days per week for over half a term and expect to be at this school until the end of the summer term. On my days off Daniel has also been able to offer me days and half days at other schools, while still supporting my efforts in my long term supply work. They are a very personable team who are happy to offer any support needed from advice to someone to talk to after a tough day at work. I honestly could not recommend M2 Education enough! They are a wonderful team, if you are an NQT or maybe feel that you would need a little support in a role as a supply teacher, talk to M2. I am thrilled with the treatment I have had since joining.’

Rachael, Secondary Teacher, Newcastle

‘Starting out in substituting is a daunting experience. M2 was with me right from the start and really made me feel supported through every step of the way.  My allocating me my own personal contact they created a caring, individualised relationship. Where I felt understood and accommodated as an individual rather than just another worker.  My consultant was always on the other end of the phone whenever I needed him and I felt he took a real interest in my career, helping me shape my teaching experience in the way I wanted rather than just send me to anything.  Through M2 I turned what was really just a stop gap period in my career into a productive learning experience which I would genuinely recommend to anyone starting out in teaching’

Laura, FE Teacher, Alston

‘I have been working for M2 Education since September 2015 and have never been without work. My consultants have always been extremely pro-active and highly professional in their dealings with myself and through M2, I have managed to obtain a long-term assignment in a Catholic School. I hope to continue working with M2 in the future and would highly recommend them to anybody looking for supply work.’

Helen, Primary Teacher, Preston

‘Thanks again Mel, it’s been a dream to work with M2 compared with some other companies I’ve experienced, I would expect you to go from strength to strength. 😀’

Claire, 1:1 Tutor, Chorley

‘M2 Education are an outstanding teaching recruitment agency, who work exceptionally hard in meeting your needs. The staff are wonderful and extremely hard working, who will find schools within your local area. I must say I have been working for M2 for nearly 3 years now, I completed my full NQT term with them and they provided day to day work for me full time on a regular basis. I would highly recommend, definitely the best teaching agency.’

Tayba, Primary Teacher, Blackburn

‘I joined M2 education in October last year and very quickly was given various opportunities to work. I have worked in different schools and environments, including a long term placement which has renewed my confidence in teaching after having a break. Thank you M2 for for bringing the teacher in me back!!’

Amy, Secondary Teacher, Tyne and Wear

‘M2 Education have been excellent to work for right from the start. I moved to Cumbria last August and I was very nervous about finding regular work especially in an area I didn’t know! Mel and the team immediately found work for me just two minutes from my home! I am now beginning my second year in the same school and I love every minute of it! I would highly recommend M2 Education to anyone looking for supply work.’

Victoria, Higher Level Teaching Assistant, Barrow-in-Furness

‘I could not recommend M2 Education highly enough as they are a fantastic company to work for, also, they provide positions to suit the person and school. My consultant is friendly, professional, supportive, understanding and always at the end of the phone if needed!’

Keren, Senior Teaching Assistant, Carlisle