At M2 Education we believe that it is very important to build strong relationships with our clients and be fully aware of their expectations before we place candidates with them.

We have a set of expectations that are clearly outlined to every candidate at the interview stage. These expectations not only come from our experience but also from client feedback and include (click a title to learn more about our expectations):

Arrive at least 30 minutes before the start of the day to ensure they become familiar with the school surroundings, lesson planning, timetables, policies and other members of staff.

Follow any planning left by the class teacher. If no planning is left, ensure you have appropriate resources with you.

Behave professionally at all times and ensure they are always polite and friendly. Mobile phones should be turned off or on silent.

Always be smartly and appropriately dressed and to keep mobile phones on silent.

Ensure the classroom is tidy at the end of the lesson/day.

Leave handover notes for the class teacher on their return.

Be flexible and willing to carry out extra duties, for example at break time.

Mark all work in line with the schools marking policy.

If a teacher is on a long term placement they MUST show the same level of commitment as a permanent member of staff and therefore be involved in planning & preparation, attending staff meetings, parents’ evenings, report writing and any other extra-curricular duties.

If any of our expectations are not met or you feel that the member of staff is not suitable for the position, it is crucial that we are made aware.

Our quality control is heavily based on our client’s feedback to us.

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